“Get Where You Got To Go”

A New Direction In The Making

Talk is cheap as the old saying goes and actions speak louder than anything anyone can ever say.   With that mindset Davids Transportation is on the “GO” and going rather fast, we have come a long way in such a short time, but that wasn’t enough.

We have turned out from a sole proprietorship to a subsidiary of D Transport, LLC, and stepped away from the restraints of the city permitting debacles. We rebranded ourselves and came up with what we feel is the matter at hand “Get Where You Got To Go.” These days no one has time to worry about when their transportation will arrive or will get “SURGED” to death just to go from point “A” to point “B.”

Davids Transportation is keeping with its passion for serving the Greater Kansas City area with safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation services.

Look for us at your favorite nightlife spot, call, text, email or even hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

Expanded Coverage to Belton, Blue Springs

Demand is High

It’s easy to hail a taxi or even catch a trip on some ride sharing app on your smartphone if you live or work in the urban core of Kansas City; however, that does not hold true once you live or work in Belton or Blue Springs.   Transportation service is still majorly lacking in these areas even though taxi companies and ride share companies claim they are overly serving these areas: that is so far from the reality of today’s transportation marketplace.

Davids Transportation realizes that taxi cab drivers are independent operators and have to pay at times a high lease just to use the very taxi you desire to be picked up in, so they stay in areas they know they will make money to pay the lease on the taxi.   Ride share drivers of which are people like your bad neighbor out driving around making fast money sometimes doing illegal activities along the way operating just like taxi drivers in areas they know there will be a lot of trips and easy money to make.

This is where Davids Transportation comes into play; it doesn’t matter if we have one car on the road or 15 our price is always the same.  NEVER A SURGE PRICE or hidden surprise fees.  With Davids Transportation, you can count on us being there on time every time you need safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation.

Give us a call, text or click and let Davids Transportation work for you.