About Us


David’s Approach

Our basic sometimes old fashion business operation mixed with new technology sets Davids Transportation apart from the newly developed share economy by leaps and bounds.

When you need more customer service, then you get by pushing buttons on a smartphone app or just need to speak with a real live person instead of waiting for a reply email.   Davids Transportation will provide you the customer service you expect.

Although Davids Transportation has overhead and other operating expenses, our rates are competitive, and in most cases cheaper than those currently being charged by the share economy ride sharing companies, there’s NEVER a SURGE Price with Davids Transportation.

Our Story

Davids Transportation was born as a result of David Paine seeing that driving for a ride sharing app that lacked overall oversight of the business while controlling every aspect of how transportation service was to be provided and then working for someone else that was more interested in leasing a vehicle then providing transportation. David’s knowledge gained from these ill manner business models established Davids Transportation with the emphasis on providing great service for a fair and just price.

Meet the Team

Davids Transportation is currently Owned and Managed by David M. Paine, my philosophy in running Davids Transportation is without You Our Client there is no business; THEREFORE The Client Always Comes First Each Time and Every time – Period!!!

David M. Paine

Founder & CEO

David is a Kansas City native that has the great passion for doing the best and right thing when it comes to serving the transportation needs of the community.

Born in 1965 and having grown up in the era ending the Cold War, the Psychedelic 60’s, the Disco 70’s, Dancing 80’s, the Apocalyptic 90’s and the ringing in the New Millennium, David’s emphasis when it comes to doing things right the first time is the best practice.

David throughout the years has worked in the security industry, asset protection, provided security for high profile individuals, has been a firefighter, EMT-Basic/Paramedic and has own several businesses in which he took great passion in running.

David has in-depth knowledge of Kansas City’s History and is ready to keep that history alive.  So if you’re in for a great sightseeing excursion, David is ready to tell all.

Next Steps…

Let Davids Transportation work for you, if you are a business that has employees that fly as part of their jobs, Davids Transportation is right for you.

If you are a Motel/Hotel Manager and find your guest need transportation beyond what your Motel/Hotel Shuttle can travel, Davids Transportation is for you.  Give US a call or click the button to the right and send us your transportation requirements and let Davids Transportation start working for you…

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